Making the World Wider and More Robust

The Kashiwabara Group changes the world little by little.
Making a town a more valuable place
Providing maintenance for buildings and equipment for future usability
Connecting people to establish new relationships
Helping the dream of owning a house come true with careful support
Finding the untapped potential in a market and and develop it to a higher level
The world we see today is not always right.
We think outside the box and make bold efforts to create a world where everyone feels comfortable.
The Kashiwabara Group makes the world wider and more robust to pass it on to the next generation.

About Group Logo Mark

Kashiwabara’s logo “K” is designed to express the Group’s message -- Making the world wider and more robust
Its shape may look like pipes or the veins of a leaf. It expresses Kashiwabara’s desire to expand in all directions and to make all kinds of “worlds.”
“K” also represents the shape of a hub of the movement to make the world wider and more robust.
Sky blue is adopted as our brand color. It implies a strong connection to various countries and the world.

Numbers of

Number of Group Companies
Kashiwabara Group
Number of Group Company Employees
As of the end of August 2019
Number of Group Bases
overseas bases
Return on equity
Group capital
Sales by group segment
Total sales
business amount of sales
(One million yen)
Major Repairs and Upkeep of Apartment Buildings 22,755
Plant Maintenance 20,386
Real-Estate Development 9,627
Construction and Housing Renovation 8,411
Finance 3,600
Building management 1,709
Renovation design 1,539
Telecommunications 1,527
Real-Estate Rental 164
Others 2,548
Kashiwabara Corporation
Number of Apartment Buildings which Kashiwabara Provided Major Repairs and Upkeep for
As of the end of January 2019
Kashiwabara Corporation
Number of Plants where Kashiwabara Staff are Stationed
We are stationed in and around the plant facilities of customers all over the country and are maintaining them.
Kashiwabara Ground
Number of Apartment Buildings Developed
As of the end of July 2019
Kashiwabara Days
Number of Households in Apartment Buildings which Kashiwabara Provides Management Service for
As of the end of July 2019
Kashiwabara Assist
Number of Housing Loans under Contract
As of the end of July 2019